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  • Ultrasound examinations over distance.
  • Elimination of occupational injuries.
  • Improved diagnostic image quality.
  • Increased productivity.

Meet Medirob

Medirob is a robot used for medical ultrasound examinations. The robot holds the ultrasound transducer for the sonographer. The robotic arm is manually controlled by the sonographer. Medirob is primarily used for echocardiography examinations.

There are two main benefits of using the robot. First we can eliminate the ergonomic problems associated with cardiac ultrasound examinations. Let us keep our sonographers healthy. Secondly the robot can be controlled from anywhere remotely. With Medirob advanced ultrasound examinations can be provided over great distances.

medirob cardiac ultrasound examination robot

Eliminating MSD & RSI

Work related musculoskeletal disorders (WR-MSD) and repetitive stress injury (RSI) are very common among sonographers. This is a serious problem that must be addressed.

musculoskeletal disorder

Ultrasound examinations of the heart involve a static and very uncomfortable working posture for the sonographer. More than 80% of sonographers experience shoulder, neck and back pains which can result in long term sickness absence. In the worst case the sonographer may not ever be able to return to this job again. This can also cause significant disruptions at the cardiac- or medicine departments, because of the difficulty in finding competent substitutes for injured sonographers.

Read more about our product for better ergonomics Medirob Ergo.

Overcoming distance

The robot holds the transducer and the robot can be controlled from anywhere. This extends the reach of the sonographer from arms length to as far as the internet can reach. Medirob is designed from the beginning to enable distance examinations. Patients in remote areas can get access to highly advanced health care without having to travel long distances.

To enable distance examinations we provide a complete telemedicine system around the robot.

Read more about our product for telemedicine Medirob Tele.



Improved diagnosis and treatment.


Free from injuries. Raised competence.


Reduced costs. Equality in healthcare.


Medirob works with transducers from all major manufacturers of ultrasound equipment. Thanks to Medirob's universal holder and transducer adapter, any cardiac type ultrasound transducer can be mounted and many other transducer types also.

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About the company

We are specialized in robot technology used in advanced medical ultrasound examinations. We develop, assemble and market our products for ultrasound examinations. We sell the products directly to our customers and also via distributors.

Medirob AB was founded in 2005 and is the products are today owned by RCI RoboCraft Innovation AB.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products or our company. We will be pleased to help you.